What can remixing change in my design, and what can’t it change?

Remixing can change up your design's copy and image content. You can also switch AI image models before remixing for a completely new vibe.

Remixing will not alter the basic structure or color scheme of your generated design. Alter these elements on your own, or check out stylists to learn how to tell Musho to work within your unique style.

My prompts aren’t giving me the results I want. What can I do?

AI can be a little unruly at times. Learn how to best communicate with Musho's AI models with our tips guide. Or, reach out to support by selecting the chat bubble in the bottom right.

How long does it take Musho to generate a design?

Musho's website and social media post generators generally take around one minute to produce a design.

Designs made with experimental mode can take up to several minutes to generate fully.

Does your generation seem stuck? Reach out to support by selecting the chat bubble in the bottom right.

What AI models does Musho use?

Musho uses a combination of models, including Dalle, Stable Diffusion, ChatGPT and our own fine-tuned ChatGPT model.

If you have more questions about our model or AI technology in general, please contact suport via email at hi@musho.ai or by selecting the chat bubble in the bottom right.

What is the difference between website mode and experimental mode?

Website mode makes designs following our Musho style guide, so designs look great every time. Experimental mode is more free form, and can create a wider variety of layouts.

Experimental mode also has experimental remix abilities. Currently, standard Musho remixes are limited to changes in written copy and image content. Experimental remix can alter formatting and more. Learn more about experimental remixes here.

Because of the experimental nature of experimental mode, you might find a few quirks in its function and designs. Let us know what's working well, and what isn't working so well. We'd love your feedback!

Does remixing count towards my generation limit?

Yes, remix generations count towards the generation limit.

Is Musho connected to my Figma account?

No, Musho is completely separate from Figma as a third-party plugin. You can create a log in with any email address you'd like; it doesn't have to be the same one you use for Figma. Additioanlly, you can log in to any Musho account from any Figma account.

For more information on how Figma works with third-party plugins, check out their information page here.

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