Getting Started

Just plug-in and go!

Musho is currently available as a Figma plugin, with integrations for Canva and Adobe in the works.

Musho for Figma

To download Musho for Figma, navigate to our Figma plugin page. The Musho plugin is free to download and works on both the browser and desktop applications for Figma.

Not familiar with Figma? You should be! To learn more about Figma - and why it is loved by designers all around the world - check out their website for helpful tutorials and tips. The best part? Figma is totally free to start.

Once the plug in is downloaded, you can run the Musho plugin directly from your Figma canvas.


With the Figma plugin, you can choose to enable variables and text styles for your generated designs. These settings are useful if you plan to expand your design while working in Figma, and they will help you create consistent designs more quickly.

To turn these settings on, first navigate to in the top right of the plugin, and select Preferences. Then, toggle on Create variables and/or Create text styles. Musho will automatically save your new settings.

After you generate a design, access your variables and text styles from the design menu in your Figma canvas.

For more information about these features, check out Figma's documentation on variables and styles.

Want to use Musho.AI with your favorite design tool? Request a new integration with us!

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