Image Options

Choose from our image libraries, or generate your own AI images directly in Musho.

Musho offers a range of image options, each with unique capabilities to enhance your landing pages. Whether you're looking for detailed realism, artistic flair, or a specific style, our models cater to your needs.


The Lummi library provides a wide selection of AI-generated photographs, perfect for adding realistic and varied imagery to your designs. From natural landscapes to urban architecture, Lummi covers an extensive range of themes.

All Musho designs default with Lummi images. To change image settings, check out our advanced image editing guide.

You can also download and use images directly from, or download the Lummi plugin for Figma.


DALL·E 3 is renowned for its ability to translate imaginative prompts into visually striking images and illustrations. It's particularly suited for landing pages that require a high degree of creativity and abstract thinking. Generally, it’ll require more descriptive and imaginative prompts to produce the best results.

SDXL (Stable Diffusion XL)

Stable Diffusion is designed to create more detailed and realistic images. It's particularly effective for generating clear, focused visuals based on specific prompts. This model tends to perform better with clear, detailed prompts that outline specific elements or features desired in the final image.


Get ready to explore a world of creativity with our latest integration into Musho! We've integrated Blush, the fantastic platform filled with customizable illustrations, directly into Musho. Now, you can easily search for and use images from various Blush categories right within Musho.

Selecting Your Preferred Image Setting

To learn how to choose and utilize images in Musho for your design projects, visit our detailed guide on advanced image editing.

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