Working with AI - Tips and Tricks

Get the most out of each generation! 💪

Tips for Prompts

Here's a few do's and don'ts when it comes to crafting an effective prompt in Musho (and most other AI tools!).

Don't tell AI what you don't want to see. AI doesn't work well with this type of language. You might find the thing you don't want suddenly at the center of your design!

Do be as descriptive as possible about what you do want to see in your design.

Don't expect AI to match your vision 100% the first try. You should anticipate re-generations or even manual edits to perfect your design.

Do add your special human touch to the generated designs to make them spectacular. ✨ Musho gets you 80% of the way, so you can save time and get straight to the creative stuff!

Need more inspiration? Check out Musho's example prompts!

Tips for Remixes

Musho's remixes can change up your design's copy and image content only. You can also switch AI image models before remixing for a completely new vibe.

Since remixes count towards your plan's generation limit, it's important to know the what remixing can do and what it can't, so you don't waste any of your generations!

Remixing will not add or remove layout sections or change color scheme of your generated design.

We'll go through copy and image remixing to help you use your remix generations most effectively!

Remixing Copy

To remix your design's copy, just tell Musho what you'd like to see. Musho can do things such as:

  • Add more exciting language.

  • Make calls to action pop.

  • Change copy topic, or improve storytelling.

  • Update header or body copy.

If you only want to change copy for a particular section, make sure you have that section selected before you remix.

Remixing Images

We use image from Lummi by default, to make sure your images are clean and gorgeous every time. Check out our advanced image editing to switch up AI image models or add doodles with Blush.

Once you're working in the image model of your choice, be sure to tell Musho directly what you'd like to see for the best outcomes.

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