Doodles for Musho

We’ve integrated Musho with Blush, a versatile platform known for its vast array of customizable illustrations. This integration brings a new dimension to your design capabilities in Musho, allowing you to easily incorporate a diverse range of illustrations into your projects.

While Blush is also a stand-alone plugin, read on to learn how to use Blush illustrations directly in Musho.

Using Blush in Musho

Incorporating Blush illustrations into your Musho designs is straightforward. You can add Blush illustrations by simply using the --blush tag followed by your desired category on your remixing prompt. This command can be included in your remixing prompts to seamlessly integrate illustrations into your work.

  1. Open Musho: Initiate your design process in Musho by opening the plugin.

  2. Select Your Layer: Choose the layer in your design where you want to apply a Blush illustration. This will change the plugin layout to yellow - which means you’ve entered “remix” mode.

  3. Enter your blush parameters into the prompt field: Type in --blush tag followed by the desired category directly into the layer's settings. This action links the selected layer to a specific category of illustrations from Blush.

    For example, to add a food-themed illustration, you would type:

  4. Apply the Changes: Once you've added the Blush tag, click on the button apply the changes to see the illustration incorporated into your selected layer.

Available Categories:

Here are some of the categories you can explore within Blush:

  • -blush=animals

  • -blush=food

  • -blush=education

  • -blush=transportation

  • -blush=people

  • -blush=empty-states

  • -blush=decorative

  • -blush=finance

  • -blush=objects

  • -blush=healthcare

  • -blush=from-the-community

  • -blush=seasonal

Practical Examples

To incorporate an animal-themed illustration into your design, your prompt might look like:


For a project related to education, you could use:


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