Experimental Mode

Let's get funky 🕺

Experimental mode unleashes Musho's power beyond the bounds of Musho's website layouts and social media posts. Write a prompt, and put Musho to the test! Membership portal? Check. Content feed? Check. Retro forum page, personal blog, or mobile app shopping cart? Check, check, check!

Check out the gallery below to see what users have been able to create with experimental mode!

Experimental mode is just that - experimental! Because of this, you might find a few quirks in its function and designs. Let us know what's working well, and what isn't working so well. We'd love your feedback!

Experimental Remix *NEW* 🧞‍♂️

Experimental mode now has remix abilities! While standard remixes are currently limited to image and copy content, experimental remix lets you remix any aspect of the design - from fonts and colors, to layouts and structure!

Experimental remix is restricted to designs generated within experimental mode.

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