Refresh your designs with new content! ✍️

The Musho remix feature lets you fine tune your designs with new AI generated content, while keeping the overall design in tact.

Currently, our remix features support the modification of text, images and layouts of selected design sections.

However adding or removing sections won't work during a remix. But, keep an eye out for updates!

Want more control over remix changes now? The Musho experimental mode currently supports experimental remixing that can alter more design elements!

To start remixing simply select your design while the Musho plugin is active, and Musho will automatically detect and switch to remix mode. 🪩🕺

You can choose to remix content across the entire design, or just remix sections.

Make sure you read our guide to working with AI to get the most out of your remixes.

Remixing Layouts

Remixing layout is very easy with Musho. Once you generate a page or a post, it will be divided into sections. In order to remix the layout, you can simply click on a section once and then tell Musho what you want to see. You can use prompts like:

  • Make another layout

  • Add more pictures

  • Add more text

  • Make this layout a ... (FAQ page, Sign-up page, newsletter page etc.)

When you remix layouts, the context is stored to ensure the output’s copy & images remains relevant to your original design.

Note that layout remixing only works with sections or slides created in the same mode. Sections designed independently or with different modes (such as Experimental Mode) can't be remixed using website or social media models.

Currently you have more control over the remixes in the Experimental Mode where you can use prompts such as:

  • Make this layout only pictures

  • Make this layout only text

  • Change the color of this layout

Remixing Copy

To remix your design's copy, just tell Musho what you'd like to see. Try remixing with prompts that:

  • Add more exciting language.

  • Make calls to action pop.

  • Change copy topic, or improve storytelling.

  • Optimize for SEO.

  • Update header or body copy.

Need more inspiration? Check out Musho's sample remix prompts!

Remixing Images

We use image from Lummi by default, to make sure your images are clean and gorgeous every time. Try remixing images to make certain colors pop, or just get a new vibe going.

OR, read on to check out our advanced image editing to switch up AI image models and add doodles with Blush. 👉

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