Social Media

Generate content for your favorite social media channels.

Like landing pages, Musho can also create beautiful social media content in three easy steps! Musho will match size and format to fit the content to your preferred social media platform.

Social Media Mode

To switch to social media mode, select Social Media from the dropdown menu in the top left of the Musho plugin.

Step 1: Add your prompt, including your desired social media format. 🧑‍💻

Musho supports popular social media formats including:

  • Carousels and gallery posts.

  • "Story" style slides.

  • Posts sized for Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Snapchat and more.

In this example, we'll make slides for an Instagram story. Just specify your format in the prompt!

Step 2: Generate slides. 🪄

Musho will analyze your prompt along with your desired social media format, and provide you with slides that are ready to export and post.

Step 3: Remix and customize. 😎

Want to fine tune? Remix and customize elements. To remix one slide, select it while the Mushi plugin is open. To remix multiple slides at once, click and drag to select all.

For an in-depth look at remixes, check out our detailed tutorial here.

Get the best out of your prompts and remixes with our tips for working with AI.

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