Just write a prompt and generate!

With Musho's website builder, you can create designs for any type of web page. This section will guide you through Musho's powerful website mode for generating web pages with the help of AI.

Step 1: Add your prompt. 📄

Begin by providing Musho with a detailed prompt that outlines your web page's purpose, the nature of your business, your goals, and any specific style preferences you'd like the AI to consider.

Use Musho's website mode to dream up:

  • Landing pages

  • FAQ pages

  • Pricing pages

  • About pages

  • Team pages

  • Portfolios

  • ....anything you can think of!

For best practices when writing prompts, check out our guide on working with AI.

Step 2: Generate. 🤖

Musho's AI will analyze your prompt and determine the ideal layout, color scheme and typography for your web page, featuring Lummi images.

Step 3: Remix and customize! 🪇

Finally, remix to change up content and edit images with our advanced image editing options.

Remix the whole design, or just a section. You'll know you're in remix mode when your Musho plugin turns yellow.

When remixing, Musho defaults new images with selections from the Lummi library. If you want to generate new images using Dalle or Stable Diffusion, add doodles, or just fine tune your Lummi selections, make sure to read over our advanced image editing guide.

Currently, our remix features for websites and social media support the modification of text and images only.

This means the over all design (including adding or removing sections) won't be altered during a remix. But, keep an eye out for updates!

Want more control over remix changes now? The Musho experimental mode currently supports experimental remixing that can alter more design elements!

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