Guide Musho to work within your brand's unique style. ✨

Stylists allow you to maintain stylistic consistency within your brand by incorporating parts of your brand into your Musho designs.

Using Stylists

Step 1: Create a stylist. 🎨

To create a new stylist, navigate to in the top right of the plugin, and select Stylists. Then, select Create a new Stylist, or click + in the top right.

Step 2: Customize your stylist. 🧑‍🍳

To customize the new stylist, hover over it and select the pencil ✎ icon.

Within the stylist creator, you can specify brand name, color, fonts, and even add a description.

Musho will autosave all your new settings. This is also where you can delete your stylist when you're done with it.

Step 2: Generate a design with your stylist. 🤝

Once you've created your stylist, you can generate with Musho as normal for your landing pages and social media posts.

Voila, you now have a stylist that is optimized for your brand. ✨

Switching between Styles

You can tell what stylist if active by checking the icon in the top left of the plugin.

You can switch between stylists at anytime by navigating back to the stylists menu, and selecting your stylist of choice.

If you prefer not to use a stylist, that's not a problem! You can switch to the Musho brand stylist which will generate colors, fonts and content based on your specific prompt.

What's Next?

Future versions of Musho will introduce more advanced features within Stylists. These might include the ability to add extra colors, receive design suggestions through GPT vision, and even create a new stylist by analyzing your current artboard in Figma.

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